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What was the genesis of the Hover Doors?

From the CEO: As I set out to find a shower door that provided unmatched silence, effortless functionality, and exceptional durability, I encountered a situation that felt all too familiar. The noisy, creaking shower door in my own home presented a unique challenge.

The inspiration for a solution came during a trip to Japan, where I marveled at the whisper-quiet operation of a magnetic levitating train. It struck me that this technology could be harnessed to create the perfect shower door, and thus, the concept of the Maglev Shower Door was born in 2017.

Terms We Use

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An Object that hovers or glides above the surface, supported by an air cushion, which minimizes contact and reduces resistance.

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Utilizing the force of Neodymium magnets, our cutting-edge technology creates a meticulously calculated magnetic field that effectively counteracts the gravitational force. This remarkable feat enables the panel to effortlessly hover above the rail, unaffected by its own weight. By leveraging this innovative approach, our system provides a cushion of air support, allowing panels of any size to be accommodated with exceptional ease and stability.
Elevate durability and performance to new levels with our top-hung maglev system. No mechanical contact or friction means unrivaled durability and performance. Experience a new era of reliability that surpasses expectations.
The absence of physical contact between the panels and the frame eliminates the potential hazards of jamming or panel detachment that are commonly associated with roller-based sliding systems. This advanced safety feature of Maglev doors significantly enhances security for users, minimizing the risk of accidents and upholding elevated safety standards.
By maintaining a constant air cushion between the door and the guideway, eliminates friction caused by surface contact. This ensures resistance-free operation, allowing the panels to maintain their momentum without the need for a constant force. Only an initial touch of a finger is required to initiate the movement, enabling seamless open to close operation.
Our system utilizes powerful neodymium magnets to lift doors with no effort above the track, eliminating mechanical contact and friction for lifelong durability. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, whether in residential or commercial settings that experience high traffic.
Hover Doors operate quietly on a cushion of air, free from rolling noise and mechanical contact. This creates a peaceful environment, perfect for noise-sensitive settings such as residential areas, businesses, and hospitality establishments.
Our doors transcend limitations by eliminating physical contact and operate smoothly regardless of weather conditions. With Hover Doors, enjoy unrivaled weather resilience and peace of mind in any climate.
Each Hover Door system is meticulously engineered to meet stringent standards, utilizing premium commercial-grade materials. This meticulous approach guarantees unparalleled functionality and lifelong durability. We have utmost confidence in the quality of our systems, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty. This warranty provides our valued customers with complete assurance and confidence in their investment, knowing that we stand behind our products with unwavering support.
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The journey began with the unveiling of our very first prototype at the IBS show in Florida. Although not yet flawless, it instantly captured the attention of attendees, drawing substantial interest and admiration. Visitors queued eagerly to experience what was undoubtedly the world’s first magnetic levitating door. The response was overwhelming, with inquiries pouring in for large orders and licensing agreements.

Our dedication to excellence was rewarded when the Hover Doors received the prestigious “BEST OF IBS AWARD for FINAL BEST WINDOW & DOOR PRODUCT,” cementing its status as a groundbreaking innovation.

Encouraged by this early success, we embarked on a tireless journey to refine and perfect the Hover Doors. Throughout extensive research and development efforts, our dedicated team expanded the concept, giving rise to a comprehensive Maglev Sliding Door category. This encompassed a wide range of offerings, including barn doors, pocket doors, patio doors, automatic commercial doors, office doors, and even windows.

Today, after several years of unwavering commitment and hard work, Hover Doors proudly stands prepared to accept orders. Hover Doors, designed for silent, effortless operation, is now available to transform your daily routine. Bid farewell to noisy interruptions and strained attempts to open and close your shower door.

Our shower doors and sliding door systems are built for longevity, ensuring years of trouble-free use. Hover Doors is not just about innovation; it’s about elevating the quality of your living and working spaces.

With Hover Doors and our diverse range of Maglev Sliding Doors and Windows, you can now experience the future of door technology. Contact us today to place your order and embrace the serenity and convenience that Hover Doors bring. No more early morning disturbances – choose Hover Doors and enjoy the quiet, effortless luxury you deserve.