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Magnetic Levitating Patio Door System

HOVER & GLIDE Maglev Patio Door

Hover & Glide Maglev Patio Door

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Patio Door Walkthrough

Bring the outdoors in with our sleek patio doors, offering expansive views and effortless transitions.

Introducing our magnetically levitating doors: a breakthrough in ease and functionality that puts power at your fingertips. With merely a light touch of your pinky finger, these doors smoothly open or shut, obeying your slightest command. Forget the hassle of heavy handles and complicated switches – the remarkable power to control doors now rests with the gentlest touch of your smallest finger.

Magnetic Levitation Technology

Prepare to witness a revolution in the realm of patio doors with Hover Doors and their magnetic levitation technology, shattering the boundaries of conventional norms. Enter the extraordinary world of Lift and Glide patio maglev doors, where the operating force defies weight and size, consistently remaining below 3 lbs. Bid farewell to the constraints associated with traditional sliding doors as the absence of friction between the door and the guideway eliminates issues of friction, maintenance, ease of operation, weather susceptibility, wear and tear, and the need for replacements. Experience the sheer frictionless operation as even large and heavy panels effortlessly glide as if weightless. Elevate your patio with the pinnacle of sophistication and innovation, boasting the most advanced patio door available on the market. Embrace the ultimate solution for opening and closing your indoor-outdoor space, offering unparalleled ease and durability.

Lifetime Warranty 

At Hover Doors, we are dedicated to providing top-quality patio doors that stand the test of time. That’s why all of our products come with a lifetime warranty. Our commitment to quality is backed by rigorous wear trials and extensive testing to ensure that our patio doors meet and exceed the highest industry standards. You can have confidence in the durability and reliability of our patio doors, backed by our lifetime warranty. Upgrade your patio to the future with Hover Doors Magnetic Levitation Zero Gravity technology, and trust in our commitment to quality and longevity.

No MaintenanceUpgrade your patio to a maintenance-free experience with Hover Doors Magnetic Levitation Zero Gravity technology. Our advanced magnetic levitation system eliminates the need for traditional rollers, providing an effortless and maintenance-free operation, ensuring that your patio door system operates smoothly and quietly for years to come. Say goodbye to the hassle and cost of maintenance and enjoy the ultimate convenience and luxury of a no-maintenance patio door with Hover Doors. Backed by our lifetime warranty, you can trust in the durability and reliability of our advanced technology. Choose Hover Doors for the ultimate in patio door convenience, style, and longevity.
Sleek and Modern DesignTransform your patio with the contemporary and sleek design of Hover Doors’ Magnetic Levitation Lift and Glide. These patio doors seamlessly integrate into any environment, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outdoor space. Upgrade to the future of patio doors with Lift and Glide and experience the ultimate combination of sophistication, style, and reliability. With Lift and Glide, architectural design can be simplified to its core elements, allowing light, form, material, space, and nature to shine. The boundary between inside and outside blurs, creating a harmonious connection between your living spaces and the surrounding environment. Elevate your patio experience with Hover Doors’ Magnetic Levitation Lift and Glide, where design and functionality blend seamlessly.
easy-installationUpgrade your patio with ease, thanks to the simple installation of Hover Doors Magnetic Levitation Zero Gravity technology. Our patio doors are designed for hassle-free installation, saving you time and effort. With advanced magnetic levitation technology, traditional rollers are no longer required, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a maintenance-free experience. Enjoy the ultimate convenience, reliability, and style with Hover Doors.
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Our magnetic levitating patio doors redefine versatility in design. With their sleek and minimalistic aesthetics, these doors effortlessly complement any architectural style, from modern to traditional.
Our system utilizes powerful neodymium magnets to lift doors effortlessly above the track, eliminating mechanical contact and friction for lifelong durability. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, whether in residential or commercial settings that experience high traffic.
The true magic lies in patio door’s weatherproof construction. Rain or shine, these doors provide an impenetrable barrier, keeping your interior safe and dry
Maglev Patio Door
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